March 7 - 10, 2011

Street protest in front of the Ministry of Education
"Funeral, be smart, I only asked for a quarter!"
Students from Europe have been with us!


a) Obtaining the percentage of 25% student participation in the election of the rector;

b) Elimination of compulsory attendance at courses;

c) Granting winter camps.

Day 1

"We support you!"

It was shouted at a time when student leaders were at the negotiating table,

(Dorin Coteț, LS Galați)

Daniela Alexe
President of ANOSR, after the negotiations with the minister from the first day

Oana Poraicu
ASUS Suceava

Bogdan Budașcu
LSUMC Constanța

Bogdan Munteanu


Cristian Panțir

Andreea Petruț

Day 2

You do not understand? We explain it to you!

Scene on the power of a rector in a university

Day 3

Burial of the last pillar of the student movement

Day 4

"You made us artists, we make you communists!"


Compulsory course attendance will be included in the university autonomy, but winter camps will not be granted. Regarding the percentage of 25% student participation in the election of the rector, we are promised an indicator in the funding methodology of universities and in the methodology of quality assurance. Subsequently, the promise was not kept, and ANOSR assumed through the strategy voted in the General Assembly the start of the legislative initiative to amend the Education Law so that students are represented as a percentage of 25% in the process of electing the rector.