Other ANOSR projects

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a traditional initiative of the federation in which the most active members of student organizations meet during the summer. At the same time, they discuss the ideas of future projects of the organizations and discuss the current state of education.

The project includes various workshops and activities, meetings are held with student representatives in order to strengthen the partnership between the two structures, in order to excel in representing the interests of students and pupils in Romania.

Vision Camp AG

Vision Camp AG ANOSR is an event dedicated to the members of the governing bodies of the member organizations and the Management Office of the federation. The main purpose of this event was to discuss the role and activity of the federation and student organizations in various contexts. A Vision Camp debates the long-term vision of the federation and the evolution of the student movement in Romania through the contribution of all participants. At the same time, following the active involvement of the members of the management structures of the member organizations, possible future campaigns and approaches at the level of university centers are addressed, which will be tailored to the needs of the students.


IDeA or Internal Debate ANOSR is a team debate competition for member organizations, with the aim of providing them with a favorable framework in which to capitalize on their creativity and ability to structure their discourse and arguments. The innovative element of this project was the random composition of the teams, thus stimulating the interaction among the members of different student organizations, in order to improve the cohesion at federation level.

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