Redirects 2% and 3.5% from income tax to ANOSR

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There are less than 2 weeks left to complete the 3.5% tax return redirection return!

It is your right to decide what to do with this percentage.

We, the National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania, propose you to support the student movement! Over the years I have been a critical actor in the dialogue with decision makers and I have had countless steps and achievements for them! From the first legislative initiative developed entirely by students (Code of Student Rights and Obligations) to the increase of the national student scholarship fund by over 170% in one year, and the examples can continue. 

How can you redirect 3.5% to ANOSR?

Very easy!

You can access directly:


  1. Fill in the form:
  2. Download it, print it and sign it!
  3. Submit the form, and here are several options:
  • The membership of the ANAF Agencies can be found directly at the financial administration counter here);
  • At the post office, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt;

You have an even simpler version!

You can send us the completed and scanned form to the address and we take care of everything!

* The deadline for submission is May 25, 2021.

** Signature must be handwritten.

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