Students send shit cake to the governors for the education budget

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Student leaders I'm going to today Ministry of Education and Government to pass them on to the rulers cake with shit and cocoa, as the equivalent of education budget and in response to ignoring student requests. The crappy shit is a symbol of the attitude of the rulers - indolence dressed in empty words, which students do not accept.

Despite the requests of the students sent to the Romanian Government to organize a public debate, according to the law, the draft budget was approved within one working day of its publication. More than that, at the meeting on 20 December from the Government of Romania, I did not receive no assurance from the rulers that there would be any minimum interest for our claims, even if they are assumed through the Government Program!

We do not accept that the commitments made are a mere waste to be completely ignored when the Government is just in time to put them into practice. Percentage of 2,28% of GDP allocated to education is shameful and is a message about the importance of education for decision makers.

On at the scholarship fund, students request an increase of 121,741,904 lei, representing 0.009% of GDP. This is the only way in which the provisions of the National Education Law can be complied with, and students to receive scholarships in the minimum amount calculated according to the law - at least 700 lei / month (from 580 lei / month). We consider this increase to be imperative, with more than half of the growth being exclusively adjusted for inflation, so that the stock market retains its real value from 2017, the last year in which the subsidy was modified.

It is quite aberrant how the budget tab dedicated to the Ministry of Education provides as an objective the correlation of the level of scholarships with the needs of students, in order not to make, in fact, any changes.

The decisive impact of scholarships on the access, course and completion of studies by students is obvious, and the current calculation method, which excludes even breakfast (completely ignoring other basic expenses such as hygiene, clothing, etc.) cannot be maintained.

If dormitory-canteen subsidy, we requested an increase of 84,963,712 lei, representing 0.006% of GDP. In recent years, higher education institutions have had to substantially increase their share of revenues to ensure that these facilities are maintained, albeit at a low quality level. Own revenues assume, correlatively, increase in student fees. In the context rising energy and gas prices, the increase of the dormitory-canteen subsidy is even more important, representing necessary to cover the normal operation of these basic student services.