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Current context

The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (ANOSR) is the first and most important student federation, non-governmental and non-partisan. Since its establishment, ANOSR has brought together most of the traditional student organizations, established immediately after the revolution, together forming a team based on principles and professionalism. This representativeness is recognized and supported by important organizations in civil society, the media, the academic community and important central actors such as the Ministry of National Education.

În prezent, ANOSR numără 121 de organizații studențești din 19 centre universitare și 31 de universități din România.

Short history

ANOSR it has its roots in student social movements since the fall of 1995, when student leaders felt a lack of central and effective coordination. Thus, on April 4, 1999, in Timișoara, on the occasion of the International Student Week, the General Constituent Assembly takes place, attended by 28 student organizations from all over the country.

ANOSR passed at the end of the year 1999 through a real baptism of "fire" due to the wide social movements in the waves, at which point we proved that we are able to represent and mobilize tens of thousands of students on the streets of more than 70% from Romanian university centers.

ANOSR acquired its legal personality only in April 2000 by a decision of the Supreme Court of Justice, in the context of an obvious opposition of the government of that time. It becomes so the first national student federation in Romania.

ANOSR received in October 2002 full membership of European Student Forum (ESU), becoming the first and only student federation in Romania recognized and represented at European level.

Purpose and Objectives of ANOSR

ANOSR is oriented towards representation and promotion the interests of Romanian students in terms of education, social, economic and cultural, both at the level national, and also international. We are first and foremost a communication platform between member organizations, in order to facilitate partnerships and the exchange of resources between student organizations.

ANOSR its main objective is to represent the common interests of students, its members, the formation of leaders at national and international level, as well as their promotion in society. In our relationship with member organizations we rely on principles transparency and non-partisanship, making it easy for anyone to access representative and apolitical student structures, at our initiative. We support their involvement in decision-making at all levels.

ANOSR gets involved in developing national and international education and youth policies, formulating and supporting the position of students, providing support to member organizations in the effective implementation of these policies at the local level.

ANOSR advocates for a non-demagogic, non-partisan style of work, based on facts, relevant documents and quality standards, as well as real proposals from both dialogue partners to address the issues raised in the reform process.

ANOSR achievements

- Carrying out the largest national student study (20,000 students - in 2011) and the record petition "Students for the future of Romania!" (over 10,000 physical signatures - in 2013);
- Facilitating the first internal mobility of students;
- Conducting the first debates in Romania on Quality in Education and the Bologna Process;
- 6% campaign for education (Nearly 10,000 students across the country protested in the streets, advocating for the importance of funding the education system);
- Evaluation of student teachers is mandatory by law;
- The principle of student-centered education included in the National Education Law;
- Study contracts cannot be changed during the year;
- Study documents (certificates, notebooks, IDs, diplomas) is released free of charge;
- Universities must provide internships for at least 30% students;
- Establishment of Career Counseling and Guidance Centers in universities, free vocational and psychological counseling and at least 1 counselor per 2000 students;
- Minimum amount of scholarships at national level (currently - 580 lei / month);
- Prohibition to make a profit or to collect working capital in dormitories in Romania;
- Representing students in different structures, such as in the Board of Directors of universities;
- Introduction of quality criteria (number of accommodation places in the dormitory, contribution to the scholarship fund) in additional funding for universities;
- Increasing the scholarship allowance, after a stagnation of more than 6 years, with 191.3% in 2017 and their granting during the holidays;
- Obtaining free domestic rail transport for all students enrolled in a form of full-time education in Romania;
- Increase of the dormitory-canteen subsidy by over 60% in 2021, compared to 2016;
- Increasing the total number of camp places from 6,000 to 10,000 (2018);
- Over 60 amendments made and integrated in the initial draft of the National Education Law;
- The only legitimate representative of Romanian students at European and global level;
- The first programmatic documents regarding the Student Movement and its role in society;
- The only national information and awareness campaigns on student rights ("What hurts?") and higher education reforms ("Bologna University Week").

ANOSR structure

1. General Assembly - 121 organizații membre

2. Management Office:
- President
- General secretary
- Vice President of Education
- Vice President of Education
- Vice President of Education
- Vice President of Youth
- Vice President of Internal Affairs
- Vice President of Internal Affairs
- Vice President of Organizational Development
- Vice President of International Relations
- Vice President of Public Relations
- Vice President of Projects
- Vice President of Finance

3. Censors Commission

4. Support commissions by fields of activity:
- Education Commission (Edu)
- Commission for Organizational Development (CDO)
- Commission for Regional Development (CDR)
- Public Relations Commission (CRP)
- Commission for Projects and Fundraising (CPAF)

ANOSR members

1. The League of Students from the University „December 1, 1918! Alba Iulia
2. "Pintea Viteazul" Student League Baia Mare
3. Scientific Association of Medical Students of Brașov
4. Bessarabian Youth Association from Brașov
5. Bucharest Association of Students in Accounting and Management Informatics
6. ECOTUR Tourism and Ecology Club Bucharest
7. Students' Union of the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics Bucharest
8. Bucharest Pharmacy Students Society
9. Philos Bucharest Student Association
10. Bucharest Law Students Association
11. Students Association from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures Bucharest
12. Mathematics and Computer Science Students Association
13. Bucharest Association of Students in Psychology and Educational Sciences
14. Sociology and Social Work Students Association from the University of Bucharest
15. Cluj-Napoca University of Art and Design Students Association
16. Students Association from the Cluj-Napoca Business Faculty
17. Physics Students Association from Babeș-Bolyai University
18. Association of Physiotherapist Students from Babeș-Bolyai University
19. Romanian Association of Psychological Students
20. Students' Organization from "Babeș-Bolyai" University Cluj-Napoca
21. Society of European Students Cluj-Napoca
22. Pharmacist Students Organization Cluj-Napoca
23. Students' Organization from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
24. League of Students from the Maritime University of Constanța
25. Students' League - "Ovidius" University of Constanța
26. The League of Students from the “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galați
27. Association of Accounting Students from Iași
28. Law Students Association of the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi
29. The Association of Francophone Students from Iași
30. Iași Public Relations and Communication Students Association
31. League of Economics Students Iasi
32. Iasi Bioengineering Students Association
33. Iași Pharmacist Students Society
34. Society of Medical Students Iasi
35. Iași Dental Students Society
36. Geographical Association „Simion Mehedinți” Oradea
37. Oradea Pharmacist Students Association
38. Oradea Stomatology Students Association
39. University of Petroșani Students Union
40. Solidus Sibiu Student Association
41. Sibiu Psychology Students Association
42. University of Suceava Students Association
43. Pharmacist Students Association from Târgu Mureș
44. Târgu Mureș Hungarian Students Association
45. Târgu Mureș Students' League
46. European Medical Students' Association Timisoara
47. League of Pharmacist Students from Timișoara
48. The association from 4 Timișoara
49. International Association of Civil Engineering Students Timisoara
50. League of Chemistry Students from Timișoara
51. League of Students from the Faculty of Automation and Computers
52. League of Students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering Timișoara
53. Students League of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications
54. League of Students of the Faculty of Management in Production and Transport
55. Timișoara Faculty of Mechanics Students League
56. League of Students of the Faculty of Communication Sciences
57. “Traian Lalescu” Student Organization
58. Timișoara Psychology and Sociology Students Association
59. The European Law Students' Association Timișoara
60. Students' Organization from the West University of Timișoara
61. Bessarabian Students' Organization from Timișoara
62. Organization of Students of Letters
63. The European Law Students' Association Oradea
64. Pitești International Association of Students of Economics and Business
65. International Association of Students of Economics and Business Romania
66. Romanian National Association of the Deaf - Youth Branch
67. Federation of Student Associations in Psychology and Educational Sciences "Cognosis"
68. The European Law Students' Association Romania
69. Romanian Society of Surgery Students
70. Board of European Students of Technology Timisoara
71. Volunteer Association for Ideas and Projects
72. Association of Students and Graduates of Physiotherapists from Arad
73. League of Students from the Western University "Vasile Goldiș" Arad
74. International Association of Students of Economics and Business Arad
75. Mincu Students' Association
76. Romano Suno Roma Students Association from Cluj Napoca
77. European Medical Students' Association Cluj Napoca
78. The European Association of Aerospace Students Cluj-Napoca
79. Constanța International Association of Students of Economics and Business
80. Ovidius Constanța Dental Students Association
81. Bessarabian Students' Organization from Constanța
82. Craiova International Association of Students of Economics and Business
83. Galați International Association of Students of Economics and Business
84. Iași International Association of Students of Economics and Business
85. Oradea International Association of Students of Economics and Business
86. “Gheorghe Șincai” Association of History Students
87. Oradea Psychology Students Association
88. Suceava International Association of Students of Economics and Business
89. Bessarabian Youth Association from Mureș
90. Timișoara Society of Medical Students
91. Timoceni Students Association from Timișoara
92. The European Law Students' Association Târgu Mureș
93. European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management Local Group Târgu-Mureș
94. UNArte Bucharest Students Association
95. Brașov Military Students Association / Air Force Academy Students Association
96. The European Law Students' Association Brașov
97. Romanian Economics Students Association
98. AEGEE Bucharest European Students Association
99. Bessarabian Students' Organization from Bucharest
100. AEGEE Cluj-Napoca European Students Association
101. Cluj-Napoca Architects Students Association
102. Danubius Galați Students League
103. Hunedoara Students' League
104. Iasi Students Association of Psychologists and Pedagogues
105. Romanian Youth Association Abroad Borders Iasi
106. AEGEE Ploiești European Students Association
107. League of Graduates and Students in Political Science and International Relations Sibiu
108. Sibiu Economics Students Club
109. Society of Medical Students "Hippocrates" Sibiu
110. Sibiu Pharmacist Students Organization
111. Initiative Group of Romanians from Bessarabia
112. International Students Organization of Timișoara
113. Timișoara Dental Students Association
114. Timișoara Veterinary Medicine Students Association
115. Timișoara International Association of Students of Economics and Business

We are waiting for you to join the ANOSR team!