Bologna Teacher's Gala (GPB)

PROFESSOR BOLOGNA'S GALA is a traditional project of the federation, now in its thirteenth edition, which will take place this year in Bucharest. Its main goal is to improve the higher education system in Romania by rewarding and promoting teachers who form generations, represent true values and are role models for students.

The basis of the whole approach is the concept of student-centered education, in which the student is no longer perceived as a passive subject in the process of education and training, but is considered a partner of the teacher in acquiring knowledge and builds his own academic path. Starting from this premise, ANOSR realized that the change and improvement of the higher education system can be achieved only by supporting the initiative to increase the quality of education, by capitalizing on existing resources and by promoting mentalities and examples of good practice in universities.

So, Bologna Teacher's Gala is the only national initiative designed to honor and reward teachers' teaching performance, highlighting those teachers who manage to inspire and arouse interest through teaching methods adapted to the needs and interests of today's student. Beyond the research activity and the professional results of the professors, the event aims to reward the quality of teacher and mentor of the Romanian university professor, a quality that is generally forgotten in awarding distinctions and awards dedicated to teachers. The title of "Professor Bologna" is all the more significant as it comes exclusively from students - those who are most entitled to recognize and appreciate the teaching performance of their teachers.

PROFESSOR BOLOGNA or Prof. Tare is any teacher who transcends the boundaries of the discipline he teaches and finds unique ways to get closer to students. He is the one who gains their presence, respect and attention through the creativity of the teaching methods, through the joviality and ease with which they are understood, through the gift of oratory and patience. Above all, Prof. Tare is aware of the responsibility he has taken on and inspires confidence, motivating students to become true professionals in the field of their choice.

Throughout the twelve editions of the project carried out so far, over 1070 Bologna Professors have been awarded, constituting the Community of Bologna Teachers, a group of examples of good practice from Romanian universities.

13 editions

Over 1000 award-winning teachers

Over 500 student evaluators