History of student protests in 2005

November 7-11, 2005 - ANOSR “Give me 5” campaign to increase the budget for education to a percentage of 5% of Romania's GDP.

The ANOSR campaign involved informing students from all university centers, collecting signatures, submitting a memorandum to the Ministry of Education, but especially massive street protests with teachers!

Main claims:

a) construction of new homes and rehabilitation of existing ones

b) the amendment of the Education Law in accordance with the provisions of the Bologna Process and with the reality of the Romanian society

c) effective reduction by 50% of transport costs in the CFR network (regardless of the train category)

d) increasing the amount of scholarships and finding alternative solutions from the private sector

e) adaptation of the criteria for allocating the basic financing: introduction of qualitative indices in its granting.

f) increasing the number of internship places at economic agents

g) the share of urban transport costs borne by universities or local authorities

h) the percentage of investments from self-financing

i) quality assurance criteria

j) students' participation in the quality assurance process through their participation in the ARACIS council (Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) as well as in external evaluations

k) introduction of student-centered funding

g) introduction of the individual accommodation subsidy


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result: (80% of claims!)

a) 5% of GDP for education (modernization and infrastructure of institutions)

b) amending the law on education in accordance with the provisions of the Bologna Process and the realities of the labor market

c) clarification of the status of master's and doctoral students

d) The Ministry of Education supports the students' proposal regarding the 50% reductions in the transport costs in the CFR network

e) increasing the scholarships with 8% and identifying new solutions from the private sector

f) granting basic financing according to quality criteria

g) inclusion of the ANOSR delegate in the structure of ARACIS (the agency responsible for the quality of education)

h) the granting of the individual accommodation subsidy is discussed (student-centered financing)

i) for the year 2006, the funds were provided for the construction of 10 student dormitories, and other dormitories are to be rehabilitated


October 26, 2005 - ANOSR protest with the education unions

The claims were:

a) amending the Education Law in accordance with the provisions of the Bologna Process and the reality of the labor market

b) recognition of student organizations as equal decision-makers to the Ministry of Education, including the standard of non-political affiliation

c) changing the criteria for basic financing

d Budget rectification for 2006 in order to respect the commitments assumed by the Government, through the Ministry of Education, in front of the national student organizations (increase of the subsidy for dormitories-canteens).

e) Budgetary adjustment for 2006 on basic financing.

Results: the wishes of the students were not listened to but soon they were preparing for a national campaign to make themselves heard!