History of student protests in 2009

April 2, 2009

After 4 years of silence, ANOSR organizes large street protests in all major university centers - 3,000 students take to the streets!


a) Compliance with the commitments made by MECI in October 2008 regarding the 15% increase of the scholarships starting with January 2008. The increase of the amounts must be applied retroactively, starting with April 2009;

b) Maintaining discounts for public transport, as well as facilities related to student practice;

c) Increase of the dormitory-canteen subsidy, in relation to inflation;

d) Urgent signing of a protocol stipulating the working mechanisms between MECI and student federations;

e) Increasing the basic financing in relation to inflation, in order to avoid the unjustified increase of the fees in Higher Education;

f) Giving up the communist practices of control over the student movement;

g) Emergency scheduling of a meeting with federations to discuss student issues;

h) Appointment of a counselor within the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth in relation to student federations, in order to have an efficient communication between structures;

i) Treating student representatives as equal partners in terms of Higher Education in Romania;

j) Consultation of Student Federations regarding the set of Laws of Higher Education and completion of the LIS project by August 2009;

k) Modification of the financing methodology for Higher Education, so that the Universities will have the real amount, compared to equivalent students;

l) Unlocking the funds for further studies through the scholarship program: Government of Romania.

Presentation film


Bucharest and Timisoara



Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi and Constanta


Protest preparation - Timisoara

Cluj-Napoca and Iasi


Scholarships were increased by 15%, and transportation grants were still awarded!