History of student protests in 2010

August 20, 2010 - ANOSR Manifesto in Costinesti, Diploma In vain offered by the "Academy of Higher Academic Studies" - "We do NOT want valuable diplomas for dirty papers!"

Because students are still dissatisfied with the quality of education, but also to sound the alarm about this, ANOSR is organizing a manifesto on the relevance of graduation diplomas. I printed diplomas in vain and I distributed them to passers-by, sang Gaudeamus Igitur, wore capes, and chanted for a better quality of education.




May 25, 2010 - Japanese strike, 20,000 white banners carried by Romanian students from 15 university centers

Our demands: (in the context of negotiations on a new education law)

a) maintaining the amount of grants for scholarships, dormitories and canteens granted to students


result: the amount of subsidies has not decreased (the strike has had the desired effect)


February 11, 2010 - ANOSR shows solidarity with Iranian students - End Opression!

Due to the serious situation in Iran, where students were arrested and sentenced to death, but also to promote the values of democracy, freedom and equality, ANOSR, through member organizations, organized a symbolic action, and the students, dressed in black, went at the church and lit candles both in memory of the deceased and in solidarity with the living. Protest joins other protests in major European cities initiated by members of the European Students' Organization