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Legislative basis

Ministerial Order

The minimum amount of a scholarship

Types of scholarships

Legislative basis

National Education Law no. 1/2011, art. 12, 204, 205, 223 and 238.
Article 12:

(2) The state grants social scholarships to students from disadvantaged families, as well as to those institutionalized, in accordance with the law.
(3) The state grants prizes, scholarships, places in camps and other such incentives to pupils and students with school and university performance, as well as with outstanding results in their education and training or in cultural and sporting activities.

Order of the Ministry of National Education no. 3392/2017 on the establishment of general criteria for the award of scholarships and other forms of material support for students and trainees in state higher education, full-time education (OMEN No. 3392/2017, as subsequently amended and supplemented)
The scholarship fund is allocated by the ME to the universities within the institutional contract through which the basic financing is made, depending on the number of physical students, budgeted, from the university.

Funds for scholarships from the state budget are allocated according to the "number of students in full-time education, without tuition fees", undergraduate and master's degrees.

According to art. 223 paragraph (10) of LEN 1/2011, students benefit from performance or merit scholarships, to stimulate excellence, as well as social scholarships, for the financial support of low-income students. The minimum amount of social scholarships is proposed annually by CNFIS, taking into account that they must cover the minimum expenses for meals and accommodation.

Following ANOSR's efforts, the amount allocated for each student / month increased, from 69 lei in 2015 to 83 lei in 2016 and to 201 lei in 2017, meaning a total increase in the scholarship fund of 191.3%.


In 2017, the scholarship period was extended for the entire academic year (12 months), including for the holiday period.

Student Scholarships:

aim at "financial support for low-income students";

theoretically, it covers the total monthly expenses for accommodation and meals of a student;

The minimum amount at national level is set by CNFIS, depending on the national average monthly costs of students with accommodation and meals:

700 lei / month (starting with the academic year 2021-2022);

at least 30% of the scholarship fund should be for social scholarships;

students who benefit from a social scholarship can also receive any other type of scholarship;

for granting SOCIAL SCHOLARSHIPS there can be no academic criteria other than passability;

the scholarship is awarded throughout the academic year;

in the academic year 2012-2013, 0.85% of the total number of enrolled students benefited from social scholarships, while in the academic year 2018-2019 their number increased to 7.75%. At the same time, in the academic year 2012-2013, 2.7% among the students benefited from merit and study scholarships, their number increasing up to 12,12% from the number of enrolled students, in the academic year 2018-2019.

Minimum scholarship:
700 RON

Types of scholarships

1. Performance scholarship

2. Merit scholarship 

3. Social scholarship

4. Bursă pentru ajutor social ocazionait

5. Burse pentru ajutor social ocazional de maternitate

6. Occasional social assistance scholarship in case of death