Career counselling and guidance

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Career counselling and guidance

Through OM 3070/2015 for the modification of the Methodology - framework regarding the organization and functioning of the Career Counseling and Guidance Centers (CCOC) and OM 650/2014, the organization and operation of the centers are regulated.

This methodology regulates general aspects in terms of career counseling and guidance, such as the definition of terms, but also the setting of CCOC objectives and activities. Thus, lifelong career counseling and guidance is defined as "All the services and activities that help people of any age and at any time in their lives to make choices in the field of education, training or work and to manage their careers", with the main objectives of providing new employment opportunities for young people in the education system, both students and pupils, by guiding and advising them so that they can be able to plan and manage optimally their own educational path, reduce university dropout, facilitate the relationship between students and the labor market, increasing the employability of students in the fields of study completed.

This methodology provides that “The CCOC is led by a coordinating teacher or a person employed as an auxiliary teacher who has initial or continuing professional training in one of the fields: psychology, sociology, education sciences, appointed director of the CCOC, appointed by decision of the rector, with the approval of the board administration. It shall submit an annual report to the Management Board on the services provided, which shall then be published on the website of the higher education institutions. "

The methodology provides “Within a maximum of 6 months from the publication of the framework methodology in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, each accredited higher education institution shall develop its own application methodology, approved by the university senate, in compliance with the provisions of this framework methodology.

The methodology also stipulates that “The number of employees within the CCOC is established starting from the number of students enrolled in the three cycles of studies. The minimum accepted ratio is at least one career counselor or psychologist per 2,000 enrolled students. "