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Are you facing a problem at your university?

One of the objectives of ANOSR is to support students in solving the specific problems they face in universities for exercising their recognized rights. 

In addition to all the steps related to student representation at the national level, for over 20 years we have been offering advice to students who contact us and represent them in their relations with universities and the Ministry of Education, so that their rights are respected.

Over the years, ANOSR has obtained the introduction of numerous rights in the National Education Law and in the normative acts in the field of higher education. After 5 years of positions, protests and negotiations, the Code of Student Rights and Obligations, drafted by ANOSR, was approved by Order of the Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sports no. 3666/2012 as the main normative act that regulates the rights and obligations of the student at national level. 

You can find the Student Rights and Obligations Code by accessing the button below. 

If in any case you feel that your rights have been violated, tell us about your experience, and we will contact you to help you every step of the way!